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The first European Alliance

The posting of workers is a political, touchy and risky subject.

Our main objective is assisting our clients to understand and comply with their obligations under EU and national law in a way that is simple and efficient.

We are convinced that it’s possible to deal with posted workers while respecting all parties’ obligations, local laws and fight against social dumping.r

Each member part of this unique network is an expert in the local country. Many years of experience in theory and practice established a professional network when it comes to posting workers within Europe.

Our Goals
Make compliant business travel in Europe easy



where we provide services



handled in 2021



of experience with EU postings

Our Vision

Posting Workers beyond borders

Compliant workers can concentrate fully on their tasks and make the posting more efficient.


Expat Management Group - Netherlands
Expat Management Group - NetherlandsNihat Kurt

After having lead the Netherlands department of an international immigration law firm in Brussels / Belgium as a Practice Leader, Nihat Kurt is one of the founding partners of the Expat Management Group, an international mobility firm in Amsterdam / the Netherlands…

Mobility Compliance Group - France
Mobility Compliance Group - FranceCaroline Treuillard
Caroline is the Managing Director of Mobility Compliance Group, providing services in immigration, social protection and posted workers experts in France.
Caroline holds a Master degree in private law and languages and joined France Immigration…

Arletti & Partners - Italy
Arletti & Partners - ItalyAlessandro Arletti

Alessandro is a chartered accountant and founder of Arletti & Partners. The Firm serves Companies and Individuals in their global mobility fulfillments since 1998.

He has been offering specialized consulting services…

Immigration Law Associates - Belgium
Immigration Law Associates - BelgiumTanel Feldman

Tanel is founding partner of Immigration Law Associates. His main concentration of practice is EU law, in particular, law concerning employment and social affairs.

He advises both EU and international companies…

GD Global Mobility - Spain
GD Global Mobility - SpainJordi Roca

Since 2006, Jordi is Director of GD Global Mobility, the division of Gesdocument.
He is specialized in advising and managing international mobility and assist international businesses and individuals to get established in Spain…

Oberhammer Attorneys - Austria
Oberhammer Attorneys - AustriaEwald Oberhammer
Ewald Oberhammer is the founding and managing partner of Oberhammer Attorneys based in Vienna and admitted to the Austrian Bar Association. Ewald specializes in corporate immigration matters and has handled corporate immigration matters since 1999 together with his team…
WorkisrOund - Bulgaria
WorkisrOund - BulgariaPeter Boyukliev
Peter is a co-founder of WorkisrOund, a legal tech company developing a potent technology automating the main processes and paperwork related to posting of workers.He is a law graduate and is admitted to the Bulgarian Bar since 2004. After 5 years…
JRD - Poland
JRD - PolandMalgorzata Rentflejsz
Our JRD group was established in 2004.
We render our consultancy services by 3 companies: Malgorzata Rentflejsz i Wspolnicy Sp.k. provides legal consultancy services and tax advisory.
JRD Tax Sp. Z o.o., which is focused on VAT compliance…
HAVEL & PARTNERS - Czech Republic
HAVEL & PARTNERS - Czech RepublicJan Koval
Jan Koval is equity partner of HAVEL & PARTNERS based in Prague and admitted to the Czech Bar Association. Jan specializes in labour law, employee benefits, compliance and corporate immigration. He leads the employment and immigration practice at HAVEL & PARTNERS, …
ABV ADVOGADOS - PortugalAna Prates
Ana Prates holds a LLM in Law, and, as a member of the Portuguese Bar Association, is a licensed Lawyer in Portugal. She has further developed and honed her skills not only through experience but also through participation in several specific courses regarding immigration.
Corporate Relocations - Greece
Corporate Relocations - GreeceMaria Kouri
Maria is an immigration enthusiast who never ceizes to be amazed about how immigration shapes the world. Being lucky enough to belong to a lovely family, she is a spouse, a biological mum of 2 human beings and mum of will of another child, a cat and a dog.
Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates - Malta
Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates - MaltaMalcolm Mifsud
Dr Malcolm Mifsud read law at the University of Malta. He specialised in maritime and shipping law at the IMO’s International Maritime Law Institute.
Dr Mifsud started his career by joining one of the largest law firms in Malta and was assigned maritime, civil and commercial litigation cases.
Nestlers - Romania
Nestlers - RomaniaAndreea Gheorghe
Andreea became a Nestler in 2016. Her first role here was that of an expatriate tax manager and in just about 3 years she became our Nestler-in-charge. With an experience of over 13 years in tax consultancy, she knows her legal updates better than the palm of her hand and she’s always eager to guide both businesses looking for consultancy…

Our Vision
Posting workers
beyond borders

The posting of workers is a political, touchy and risky subject.

We want to help our clients understand and respect their obligations in a way that is simple, efficient and compliant with local laws.

We are convinced that it’s possible to deal with posted workers while respecting all parties’ obligations, local laws and fight against social dumping.