Legal Basis

ACT of 12 March 2022 on assistance to Ukrainian nationals in connection with the armed conflict in their territory

Persons falling within the scope of temporary protection

Citizens of Ukraine who came to Poland from Ukraine legally after February 24, 2022, and their spouses. Ukrainians who came to Poland earlier can stay legally in Poland until the end of 2022.

Formalities/ Where/ Who/ Kind of Admission

Every Ukrainian citizen who has legally come to Poland since 24 February 2022 in connection with the war in Ukraine and declares his intention to reside in Poland is entitled to reside legally in Poland for 18 months. The stay in Poland can be registered during border control or within 60 days from arrival. The stay is registered by the border police.

Reception & Accommodation

The reception of Ukrainians is organised in easily accessible locations (sports halls, railway stations). Ukrainians are housed in private volunteers’ homes. Those who provide accommodation and food to Ukrainians receive a cash benefit when they apply for such assistance. In addition, governments and local authorities have set up humanitarian aid centres where refugees can be accommodated and receive aid.

Right to stay

Every Ukrainian, who came to Poland after the outbreak of war, is entitled to the right of stay. Ukrainians must register with the border police. Ukrainians may do so immediately after crossing the border or within 60 days. Ukrainians are assigned a PESEL number (as the Poles have), which allows them to use administrative services. To receive a PESEL, you must complete a photo application (photos are taken free of charge) and allow fingerprints to be taken. The application can be submitted to the local authorities and special agencies.

Allowance for temporary protected

An Ukrainian who has come to Poland and received a PESEL number is entitled to a one-off cash benefit. The benefit is granted at the request of the beneficiary to the municipality or the social assistance centre.

Social Protection

Ukrainians who came after the outbreak of war are entitled to social benefits: family allowance, child-rearing allowance, start-up allowance (child-rearing allowance), family-care capital and support for the care of young children. Refugees, in Poland, receive 500 zloty per month for each child. Ukrainians, who have received a PESEL number, can use these programmes under the same conditions as Poles.

Refugees have the right to free medical care, reimbursement of medicines, vaccinations and medical equipment under the same conditions as Poles. In addition, many private clinics and hospitals offer free medical care to Ukrainians.


Ukrainian children are admitted to Polish schools free of charge and can continue learning together with Polish children. Free preparatory and Polish language courses are organised in schools as required. Children can also receive free psychological and educational care.

Right to work

Ukrainians may work legally in Poland if the agency entrusting the work informs the Labour Office within 14 days from starting work.

Ukrainians legally residing in Poland and owning PESEL may enter into and conduct business on the territory of Poland under the same conditions as Poles.

Family Reunification

All rights granted to a Ukrainian citizen who came to Poland after the outbreak of the war are also granted to the spouse of a Ukrainian citizen who has a citizenship other than that of Ukraine if he came to Poland after the outbreak of war.