Legal Basis

Order PCM/169/2022

Persons falling within the scope of temporary protection

Ukrainian nationals who resided in Ukraine before 24.2.2022 and fled as of 24.2.2022 and their family members.
Stateless persons and third-country nationals who were granted international protection in Ukraine before 24 February 2022 and who fled as of 24.2.2022 and their family members;
Stateless personas and third-country nationals who were legally residing in Ukraine before 24.02.2022 and their Family members;
Ukrainian nationals who were in Spain on 24.2.2022 and cannot return to Ukraine because of the war.
Spain has expanded the protection to those with a residency in Ukraine during the conflict, including to students and non long term residents. In this sense, no one is excluded from the protection. Nevertheless, during the processing of the protection the authorities will check criminal records and information provided by the Interpol and they might deny the permit to those considered a risk to the safety of Spain.

Formalities & Kind of admission

The applicant must get an appointment by calling to the 91 047 44 44. In this appointment the applicant will go through a Registration, and get a temporary processing Residence Card, at the three special offices facilitated by the Central Government (Alicante, Barcelona, and Madrid). As well as many Police offices around the country.
Health assistance and minors’ schooling at the city Government facilities at each town.
They will get a definite residency card for one year after 24 hours according to the law (In reality around 2 weeks)

Reception & Accommodation

If there is no possibility to find the accomodation on your own, it is necessary to inform the competent authorities about the need of the acomodation. The person in need will be provided by the temporary accomodation regarding the availibility, not necessary in the area, where the person did the registration. The persons also receive assistance from different ONGs

Right to Stay

The temporary protection allows to legaly stay, work, access to medical assistance and schooling for 1 year with the right to reniew. The resolution about granting the temporary protection must be issued within 24 hours, however, on practice takes longer, depending on the competent administration

Allowance for Temporary protection

For now there is no economical aid established. Those, in precarious situation may receive the aid with food, clothes and items of the first necesityand teporary accomodation though different ONGs

Social protection

Health insurance protection granted.


Right to be enrolled to the compuslory public education system

Right to work

Once the temporary protection is granted,the protected person obtains the authorization to work both as an employee or a self-employed.
– Its is necessary to obtain the social security number.
– To work as a self-employed, it is necessary to register as “autonomo”

Family Reunification

Family members are :
• Spouse or unmarried partner in a stable relationship in accordance with spanish legislation
• Unmarried minor children, including those of the spouse,
• Other dependent family members, who have been living with the applicant”